Church Square was constructed in classical architecture in the early 1920s by Charles E. Holman. Remaining in family ownership ever since, the property has always contained the highest-quality specialty stores and restaurants in Wellesley.

A notable feature of Church Square is the great longevity of its tenants.

The original store in the block was E. A. Davis, started and run by Charles Holman’s sister-in-law, Emma Davis. It was located in Church Square in 1922, when the block opened.  In 1975, the store was purchased by the Skolnick family, who still own and operate it today.  EA Davis continues to run very successfully today in the same location, over 100 years after its inception.

Another store that has thrived in Church Square for nearly a century is Page-Waterman Gallery. The art gallery and framing store was started in Wellesley by Sue Page in 1917. When the second building of Church Square, on Church St., was built in 1929, Miss Page became its first tenant. The store has remained at 26 Church St. ever since, continuing under the ownership of Sturdy Waterman for the past 32 years.

Dover Saddlery was founded in 1975 by Jim and David Powers, former members of the USET 3-Day Event Team.   They established their first store in Church Square. After its success here, Dover Saddlery has since opened 26 other stores across the U. S., while retaining its base in our block for 40 years.